Divorce Attorneys Jamaica

We are an elite team of Jamaican Divorce Lawyers and with a strong record of achieving success for local  and international clients. Whether your marriage or relationship has broken down, we are able to give expert guidance (using language that you will understand) on getting filing for a divorce in Jamaica West Indies, all the while protecting children and family finances.

Our lawyers are recommended for being excellent strategists, highly intelligent and incisive. Our divorce attorneys are sensitive to the needs of you and your family and work hard towards delivering fair settlements for all of our clients. We have expertise in every area relating to divorce including advising on property, complex financial arrangements, international divorce and business assets.

Our lawyers will patiently talk you through all aspects of your case – both the legal context and your personal circumstances and aims, and provide guidance as to where you go from here and your next steps.

We aim to help you reach an amicable and long lasting resolution to your marital dispute.  If you are concerned about going through the courts, or highly damaging conflict, our team of attorneys may be able to help you reach an amicable resolution, We encourage settlement of disputes whenever possible as this takes considerable amount of stress away and crucially allows you to move on to rebuilding your life and children's life.